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The First Human Republic was the government of Humanity, otherwise known to the Humans of the Second Human Empire as The First Ones or the Ancients, which has seen been adopted by Human groups across the Known Multiverse to refer to branches of humanity that continued the cilization that started out on Humanity ancestral homeworld of Valia, that been established when they rose to power in the ancient Homeworld of Valia. However it would soon be dissolved up Until the First Human Civil War, friend into the First Human Empire due to corruption that became predominate following a Human-Kilominitic War that destroyed the Previous Kilominitic Empire at that time, which cashed many to revolt to replace it.






  • While the terms First Ones and the Ancients were Second Empire in origin (and a rough translation at that) and meant to refer to the very first unified government of humanity, those two names have sense been adopted by the rest of humanity outside of the Second Empire to refer to the branch of humanity that continued the Valian civilization in some form, hence why the region of space that the Second Empire controls have been collectively dubbed by Earth-based humans and related as either the First Ones or the Ancients respectively.
  • In a similar vain, Second Empire based humans typically refer to the various branches of humanity after the planet that branch came from, like Earth-born or Coruscant-born and so on, although plenty also refer to the region of space not apart of the Second Empire or Combine Empire as either the Forgotten Ones, the Lost Ones, or the Fallen Territories respectively, although the last often comes from more expansionistic and imperialistic members of the Second Empire.