Red Faction Militas holding ground against Joint Ultor-Axis Forces

The First Martian Revolution of the Ri'tizol Universe was a conflict that occurred on Ri'tizol Mars in 1575, where a miner riot against the oppressive Ultor Corporation (who was supported by the Axis of Empires) developed into a fully fledged revolution. The miners formed the Red Faction, a rag-tag militia organization lead by the mysterious miner with the pseudonym 'Eos'. Their goal was to overthrow Ultor, but their soldiers were ill-equipped, untrained and badly-matched against the Ultor security forces in most engagements.

As if by sheer force of will, and through the efforts of exceptional individuals such as Parker and Hendrix, the tide slowly turned on Ultor.

During the course of the fighting characters like Axel Capek, an insidious Ultor scientist, crawled out from the woodwork and posed a significant obstacle to the miner revolution. He made use his power in the soulless corporation to experiment on miners and conduct research into "Nano Tech," creating beastly mutants and unleashing a plague upon the miners.

As the tide turned on Ultor they sought they aid of the Axis Regiment lead by Colonel Masako, but the miners held out until the Alliance of Nations could come to their aid, overthowing Ultor. This conflict was one of the main reasons for the Axis Invasion of Ri'tizol Earth thus starting the 150 year conflict on the Planet.

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