First Miss Multiverse was held on the First Aftermath as part of the Multiverse Pair at Tython. The Miss Multiverse were put together by Galactic Republic Queen Padme Amidala and were opened[1] on March 11. However, the first competitions took place on March 12 to allow for one day of statistics gathering. It took place on Tython. The competitors included all of the members of the Alliance of Nations.

Background music

  • Opening: "Beautiful Now" by Zedd featuring Jon Bellion, "Lean On" by Major Lazer & DJ Snake featuring MØ, "Cheerleader" by Omi
  • Swimsuit Competition: "Marvin Gaye", "One Call Away" and "Some Type of Love" by Charlie Puth (Live Performance)
  • Evening Gown Competition: "Live Forever" and "Done" by The Band Perry (Live Performance)
  • Final Look: "Every Time I'm with You", "Kiss from a Rose" and "Crazy" by Seal (Live Performance)


Preliminary competition

  • Erika Albies – Vice President of Global Fashion Communications at IMG[21][22]
  • Julio Caro – Independent film and television producer and talent manager[21][22]
  • Keiko Uraguchi – Director of Digital Partnerships for WME/IMG[21][22]
  • Nischelle Turner – Correspondent for Emmy Award-winning Entertainment Tonight[21][22]
  • Rocky Motwani – Entrepreneur who recently co-founded his first fintech company, Jiko Services[21][22]
  • Piper Wright – War Reporter from Fialer Earth

Final telecast

  • Emmitt Smith – Football legend[24][25][26]
  • Niecy Nash – Emmy Award-nominated actress[23][24][25]
  • Perez Hilton – Celebrity entertainment mogul[24][25][27][28]


All of the Alliance Of Nations faction's contestants were competed

Civilizations Constestant Age Species Homeworld
Old Galactic Republic Hara Winvil 22 Twi'lek Corellia
New Galactic Republic Corinne Fera 18 Human Tatooine
United Systems of Earth Megi Luka 19 Human Pol Earth
Human-Vortigaunt Federation Marianne Floyd 22 Human Golmar Earth
United Federation of Planets K'Tal Vulcan Vulcan
Tauri-Jaffa Alliance Urla, daughter of Teal'c Jaffa Tolian
The Twelve Colonies of Kobol Paola Anders Cylon Caprica
Federal Kingdom of Felreden Ritia Elf Thedas
Galactic Coalition of Species Anellisa T'kara Asari Riz'ro Earth
United Alliances of Orion Species Olivia Jackson Human Piala Earth
Federal Republic of Demacia Luxanna Crownguard Human Runeterra
Alterian Republic ???
Federated Suns Andrea Jackson Human
Sian Empire ???
New Conglomerate ???
Lyran Commonwealth ???
Galactic Terran Alliance ???
Interplanetary Strategic Alliance ???
Interstellar Alliance ???
Union of Allied Planets ???
Systems Commonwealth ???
United Federation of Cygnar
Global Defense Initiative
European Continental Alliance
Arcean Empire
New Valkion Federation
Coalition of Western Republics
United Earth Federation (Inio'zioni)
Terran Republic
United Earth Federation (Qioo'lik)
United Federation of Species
TransRace Republics
Empire of Combined Races
United Combine Republics
Vanu Sovereignty
Imperium of Man
Eldar Craftworlds
Tau Empire O'Sherra Tau
Osean Federation
Russian Federation
Alliance of New Azeroth Aylsa Starloner Night Elf
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