Survivor 5

The Multiversal Competition, also known as First Multiversal Competition or the Competition on Tython were a series of events that took place as part of the Multiverse Fair in the first aftermath. The competitors included all of the members of the Alliance of Nations. Comprising of a series of 36 different events ranging from Technology to Infrastructure as well as Improvements and Wonders, the events ran for 18 days. At the conclusion of each event, awards were awarded to victorious alliances. The Multiversal Olympics were put together by former Galactic Republic Supreme Chancellor, now Senator Bail Organa and were opened[1] on March 11. However, the first competitions took place on March 12 to allow for one day of statistics gathering. On March 29, the Olympics were brought to a conclusion with an announcement following showing the total medal tally. It took place on the peaceful homeworld of the Jedi, Tython.

Nations Gold Silver Bronze Total
Old Galactic Republic 95115
New Galactic Republic 54110
United Systems of Earth 2439
Human-Vortigaunt Federation 2428
United Federation of Planets 2136
Tauri-Jaffa Alliance 15511
The Twelve Colonies of Kobol 1225
Federal Kingdom of Felreden 1023
Galactic Coalition of Species 1012
United Alliances of Orion Species 1012
Federal Republic of Demacia 1012
Alterian Republic 2013
Federated Suns 1001
Sian Empire 1001
New Conglomerate 1001
Lyran Commonwealth 1001
Galactic Terran Alliance 1001
Interplanetary Strategic Alliance 1001
Interstellar Alliance 1012
Union of Allied Planets 0213
Systems Commonwealth 0202
United Federation of Cygnar 1203
Global Defense Initiative 0156
European Continental Alliance 0224
Ariadna 0112
Arcean Empire 0011
New Valkion Federation 0011
Coalition of Western Republics 0011
United Earth Federation (Inio'zioni)
Terran Republic
United Earth Federation (Qioo'lik)
United Federation of Species
TransRace Republics
Empire of Combined Races
United Combine Republics
Vanu Sovereignty
Imperium of Man
Eldar Craftworlds
Tau Empire
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