The Seven Hour War

one of the failed attacks during the Seven Hours War

The First Multiverse War, also known as the First War, the "War of Universes", the "Broken Age" and the "Interdimensional War", formally known as the Great War and the Great Multiverse War respectively, was a conflict fought between the Axis of Empires, later by the Combine-Chimera Alliance when it betrayed the Axis in 2358 N.E, the Alliance of Nations and the Coalition of Independent States, which joined in 1428 N.E. and was later removed in 2352 N.E that started on December 21, 1350 N.E when the Empire of the Combine Race invaded Golmar Earth and ended on December 25, 2372 N.E with the Death of the Pure Combine Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia and with the Pure Combine Homeworld of Conlikial nearly if not completely
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City 17, Golmar Earth, during the Golmar Earth uprising of 1370 N.E

under Allied Contol, which forced the Grand Primarch of the Empire to surrender. but the war did not offically end until the Leanmen Peace Treaty was sign between the Allies and the Horde a year after the fall of the Combines.
Coruscant at the time of the Great Galactic War

Coruscant, during the Axis Invasion of Flio Coruscant

The Beginning YearsEdit

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Mini Wars within the First Multiverse WarEdit

The Galactic Civil War

The Clone War

The Combine-Aurelian War

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