CNCTA Forgotten

The Forgotten is a loose confederation of humans who possess a rare genetic mutation that renders them able to survive Tiberium Toxemia, ending up as human/Tiberium hybrids. They are shunned by normal society due to their mutations and often horrifying appearance. The Forgotten organization is dedicated to the protection and support of fellow Mutants. As the Tiberium infestation became more and more widespread, only the Forgotten - and Nod - remained in the infested zones, those tropical places close to the equator where Tiberium could flourish. As time went on, they would no longer resemble humans. The mutants would do anything to survive, and often raided Nod and GDI bases alike for food and supplies. They suffered a great deal of discrimination from "normal" humans as deformed outcasts. GDI and Nod personnel alike often treat mutants as inferior and with contempt, or worse. Many were imprisoned in Nod medical colonies, where they were studied for the effects Tiberium mutation had on humans. The Forgotten joined the Coalition of Independent States.

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