Fourth Echelon (also known as 4th Echelon, abbreviated as 4E) is a "blacker than black" clandestine special operations and counter-terrorism unit that answers solely to the Multiversal Federation. Commissioned by President Patricia Caldwell, the unit is mandated to deal with terrorist threats to MF interests. The unit's commander is former Third Echelon Splinter Cell Sam Fisher, who was instrumental in foiling an assassination attempt on President Caldwell orchestrated by the rogue Third Echelon director Tom Reed. Former Third Echelon chief technical advisor Anna Grímsdóttir, who previously worked closely with Fisher when he was with Third Echelon, serves as the unit's technical operations control officer. Added to the unit are former CIA agent and new 4E operative Isaac Briggs and computer hacker Charlie Cole, while Andriy Kobin becomes a source of intelligence inside holding cell. The unit has no permanent ground base. It operates out of the Paladin, a large military transport aircraft repurposed as a stealth airliner for their mobile headquarters.

Species who apart of Fourth Echelon Edit

  • Humans
  • Minbari
  • Night Elf
  • High Elf
  • Rodian
  • Togruta
  • Clawdite
  • Vulcan
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