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A Group of Fourth Reich soldiers.

The Fourth Reich is a Multi-Racial Neo-Nazi faction within the Teritana System. As with most factions in the Di'llol universe, the Fourth Reich did not appear spontaneously, but evolved from an existing group, most likely radicals in the Central Metro Command. The Nazis are a National Socialist faction in the Metro centered around the three main systems of Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya and Pushkinskaya which they dub "The Reich". However, they maintain numerous outposts and maintain a military presence in several outlying stations, possibly as an attempt at expansion as the Nazis are an imperialist faction. They are headed by one man, the Führer, and obey his every command (giving the impression of an authoritarian society). The Fourth Reich as a whole is split into three sections: the Nazis, its military, and the Reich itself. Despite are Nazis, they are not part of the Greater German Empire and joined the Coalition of Independent States to overthrown the Red Army. After the first war, it became the replacement for the Greater German Empire (though remnants of it still survived) and betrayed the Coalition of Independent Systems and joined the Imperialist Alliance when the Coalition Civil War broke out during the Second Multiverse War and later the Nationalist Alliance during the Nationalist Wars.



First Multiverse War[]

Interwar period[]

Second Multiverse War[]

Unity Era[]


Fourth Reich Soldiers in the Coalition Civil War

Nazis are the people who actually live in the Reich. Most Nazis are almost brainwashed by the Führer's words of genetic purity and perfectionist standards. Though some in the Reich resist such policies, they are usually either shot on site or sent to concentration camps. Nazis in general, can be placed into 2 categories, soldiers and civilians.



List of Species joining the Fourth Reich[]