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Francis Thorn is one of many generals found in the Goo'iiki Universe. A quiet professional trained in the shadowy arts of covert warfare, Thorn has never been the kind of General to attend parades in dress uniform and look pretty. For example, there goes the popular anecdote that a young try-hard Lieutenant once tried to chew him out for not saluting him, only to realize too late that the man in that basic unadorned chocolate chip uniform wasn't just an elderly NCO, but rather a 4-Star General who subsequently ordered the officer to a month of latrine duty under the blazing sun of Saudi Arabia. Thorn has been in charge of special operations since the first GLA attacks on American installations in the Middle East, providing him with an extensive network of valuable contacts among the US special forces, up to and including the legendary Navy SEALs. A determined fighter and cunning strategist, the General likes to micro-manage every miniscule detail of his operations while cruising above the field in his Specter gunship with a cup of fine Arabica-brand coffee.