House Marik
Technically a federation rather than a true nation, the Free Worlds League has been plagued by divisive conflicts throughout its history. Until recently, this balkanization greatly limited the League's impact on external events. The current Captain-General, Thomas Marik, a war leader with dictatorial powers appointed "for the duration of the crisis," has done much to centralize power and bring out the nation's true strength. Citizens of the League value their right to express themselves freely—more so than almost any other realm—leading to a broad acceptance of differing cultures and values along with an appreciation for the arts and education. Business and the pursuit of material gain, including the recovery of technology, are central to League life. Ironically, though the League pioneered much of the medical technology used during the Star League era, social pressures have since led many to scorn bionics and other replacement technologies, particularly among the lower classes. The Free Worlds League joined the Axis of Empires
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