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Dr. Fyodor Malikov (Russian: Фёдор Мaликов) was a loyalist Russian scientist who came from a earth long since conquered by the Chimera and a member of the Special Research Projects Administration. It was Malikov who created the Cloven. Malikov seemed to be a kind, caring man. And as well is the Multiverse’s expert on the viruses found in the Multiverse. He tried to help citizens of planets undergoing an outbreak and was horrified at the deaths he had caused and the monsters he had seen, such as the Necromorphs and The Thing. He is described by some as a very strange and eccentric man, and is almost instantly likable. Malikov is of average height, with brown eyes and is roughly in his 60's. He is balding and has gray hair and a gray beard. He wears circular, shaded glasses and wears a khaki SRPA scientist uniform.

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