G'Kar was the first Narn ambassador to the Coalition of Independent States and would become renowned as the author of the Book of G'Kar. In the beginning, G'Kar is a ruthless diplomat, who seeks advantages for his race, and is shown as having an intense dislike, bordering on outright hatred of the Allies, due to his race's suffering during the Centauri occupation of the Narn homeworld. He is shown to be something of a Bon vivant, fond of fine meals and enjoying the pleasures of several females of different species at once. He is said to have a special fondness for human women. However, as the war between his people and the Allied progresses, he becomes kinder, tolerant and farsighted. G'kar is a very spiritual individual, believing in the religion of G'Quan and becoming a religious figure himself after he joined the Horde.

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