The Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat was the smallest hyperspace-capable combat starship in use by the Axis Navy and the Coalition of Independent States. While small enough to be carried aboard capital ships as a starfighter, its immense power output (produced by a Sarylcorp ViX multi-flux reactor), weaponry, and shielding caused some registries to designate it as a capital ship itself. The most popular variant in the GAT series, the GAT-12h, had a standard crew consisting of a pilot, copilot/sensor operator, and two gunnery officers; however, the ship could be piloted by just one person. It was standard equipped with a Class Two hyperdrive and a limited navigation computer capable of storing four jump coordinates, and was stocked with sufficient consumables for a month of independent operation. On short wings on the side of the cockpit it housed two Siep-Irol "Omni-Vu" sensor pylons.

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