Gaeriel "Gaeri" Captison was a member of an influential political family on Bakura. Her father, Dol Captison, and his brother, Yeorg Captison, were both senators in the Bakuran Senate. As a result, she was raised in the presence of notable political figures, and with a desire to follow in her family members' footsteps. Educated at prestigious schools on Bakura and the galactic capital of Coruscant (Viau) for her education, Captison hoped to become part of the Bakuran government, and the death of her parents at the hands of the Empire stiffened her faith in the Cosmic Balance.

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Captison was a deeply religious person, a follower of the Cosmic Balance, though her experiences with other Allied people later convinced her otherwise.[5] She finally abandoned that faith after seeing how it had literally starved her sister Ylanda to the point of near death, all to satisfy the Cosmic Balance.[6] She was also devoted to causes, pouring herself into various areas throughout her life, including her home planet of Bakura, which she placed of greater importance over her attraction to Luke Skywalker and James T. Kirk.[5] Once she was convinced of something, she would hold to that belief until absolutely convinced otherwise, as evidenced in her standing up to Wilek Nereus and insisting that she accompany the Bakuran fleet.[

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