The Galactic Protectorate, also known as either the Axis Occupation of Imperial Space and the Combine Occupation of Imperial Space, was the name of the puppet government that controlled over the remaining pieces of the Galactic Empire that was controlled by the Axis of Empires (namely the Empire of the Combine Race). Many have labelled it a cruel irony since the Empire was once a powerful and influential member of the Axis to being a mere shadow of it's former self that's now under the military and political control of another member of the Axis, namely the Combines

History Edit

the galactic empire is started to collapse after there leaders and the there economy is collapsing the combines and remaining axis members that combines should make a puppet state so the combines invaded the remnants and made a puppet state however it short lived when united civilzations destroyed the puppet state

Government Edit

the Galactic Protectorate was ruled by a brutal military dictatorship that's often known for it's enforcement of draconian punishments whenever someone breaks the Protectorate's laws. But overall, the Protectorate is the Combine's puppet-state first and foremost, ruling over the fragments and remnants of the old Galactic Empire, an fact that both angers and saddens many Imperial Generals and Admirals.

List of Grand Protector (two over it's history) Edit

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