Gallimimus Steveoc86

Gallimimus (/ˌɡælɨˈmaɪməs/ GAL-i-MY-məs; meaning "chicken or rooster mimic") is a genus of ornithomimid theropod dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period (Maastrichtian stage) Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. With individuals as long as 8 metres (26 ft),[1] it was one of the largest ornithomimosaurs.[2] Gallimimus is known from multiple individuals, ranging from juvenile (about 0.5 metres tall at the hip) to adult (about two metres tall at the hip). After being transported into Zhecronus in the Eur'uui Universe, they have survived extinction and thrive within its open plains. It can also be mentioned that since their survival, they have become the most numerous of the dinosaurs on Zhecronus. Some are even sold as pets within the Zhecron Alliance and other members in the Multiverse.

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