Galor-class cruisers were the primary class of warship used by the Axis navy during the latter half of the war. The Galor-class shared the same basic superstructure as their Keldon-class counterparts, but were used far more frequently by the Cardassian military. Commonly referred to as "warships" or "war vessels", this class was also designated by the Cardassians and the Maquis as "cruisers". The Alliance was also known to classify them as "destroyers."

Features Edit

The Galor-class are small ships, but they have been able to match the capabilities of the Cardassian Union neighbours thanks to the unique technologies employed and the work of the Obsidian Order in preventing other states spies gaining technical information on the class and its upgrades over the years.

The class employs impressively resilient shields which can comfortably withstand multiple impacts from phasers and photon torpedoes. Galor-class vessels, like many ships of the Cardassian fleet, also employ the uniquely Cardassian spiral wave disruptors which have proved a tactical problem for opposing vessels.Unlike most vessels the Galor class it not easily adapted to scientific missions but it still highly adaptable taking on roles as troop transports, escort ships, orbital assault platforms and blockade vessels.

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