The Gands, or Gand (pronounced /Gănd/) (Second Human Empire: Nuuy'iui Vuyi'lloi) , were a sentient species of humanoids that xenobiologists believed had evolved from an insect genus that inhabited the ammonia-gas planet of Gand. Several physical varieties of the species existed, differing from one another in the structure of the head and the texture and color of the exoskeleton, but the species was usually divided into two main subspecies: those with lungs and those without. Gands with such organs were adapted to their homeworld's atmosphere, but like Kel Dors, required specialized breathing gear if they wanted to leave Gand to manage potentially poisonous offworld gas mixtures. Gands without lungs, however, did not respire and were immune to poisonous gases; thus they could venture offworld without worry of suffocation. Both races possessed an exoskeleton and regenerative properties. The Gand joined the Axis of Empires. Zuckuss is the notable Gand

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