Gannet Brooks

Gannet Brooks was a Human news reporter who lived on Duyi'zu Earth. She is also a reporter in the Multiversial News Network. She was a rival to Diana Allers and Kate Lockwell, which are also news reporters

In 2025 N.E, Brooks provided news coverage of a conference on Earth whose goal was the establishment of a Coalition of Planets. During this period she came aboard the Enterprise, where the crew later discovered that she had reconfigured her universal translator at the conference on Earth to record messages from all the other translators and had been spying on the delegates there. Most of the Starfleet officers suspected that Brooks was a member of the xenophobic organization Terra Prime. However, Ensign Mayweather believed that Brooks may have simply been doing undercover research for a news report.

Brooks later revealed that she was actually working for Starfleet Intelligence, not Terra Prime. In an attempt to explain why she had not revealed her true mission earlier, Brooks said that she was aware that a Terra Prime agent could possibly be operating on board Enterprise. Her own identity would have been compromised if she had attempted to contact the head of her division.

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