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Gara Petothel, also known as Lara Notsil and Kirney Slane, was an Imperial Intelligence spy who defected to the Alliance of Nations during a covert mission as a pilot with Wraith Squadron. A Human female from Coruscant, Petothel served as an Imperial Intelligence agent for nearly 15 years, during which time she assumed several different names and identities. Upon the supposed death of Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard in 7.5 ABY, Petothel switched her allegiance to Zsinj, a warlord who went rogue in an attempt to gain control over fragments of the Axis. While undercover aboard a Alliance frigate, she provided Admiral Apwar Trigit with information that led to the destruction of Talon Squadron, a New Republic starfighter squadron. She then worked as an intelligence analyst for Trigit aboard Implacable, his Imperial-class Star Destroyer. During the Battle of Ession, Petothel secretly provided information to the New Republic that led to Trigit's death after the admiral decided to sacrifice his ship and over 35,000 crew members rather than surrender.