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The Garif are a humanoid species from the Malica universe who once live in tribes scattered across the Ivalice region of Idadin. Even after becoming apart of the United Commonwealths of Worlds, the species still retained their societal custom of having the sexes live separated (in a manner that the Viera once did), and thus it is rare to see male and female Garifs at any point in time.



The Garif are a muscular race covered in thick brown hair and large horns. They often stand with a slight stoop, possibly from the weight of their masks. The masks are a vital part of garif customs and all garif receive a mask on the day they are born, which they wear until they die and will not remove, lend or sell. The Great-chiefs wear more elaborate masks, wrought with metal and painted with pigments that most likely have come from the land.

Society and Culture

Despite their intimidating appearance, the Garif are a peace-loving people, albeit physically capable of fighting and hunting thanks to their muscular bodies, thick fur and incredible hearing and sense of smell. Many Garif become herders, overlooking livestock of creatures known as "Nanna" in the Garif tongue. The garif milk these creatures to make Nanna-cheese, a product famous throughout Ivalice.

Abhorring machinery and material goods such as money, they live off the land, adorning themselves in simple, natural materials, such as leather, grass, wood and stone, and building their houses from the same materials.


  • The Garif appears in FFXII and based on the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people.