Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Timeline. From humble origins, Darklighter went on to become a decorated pilot in Rogue Squadron, then Rogue Leader, then commanding admiral of a battle fleet. Born to moisture farmers, Darklighter grew up in the shadow of his older cousin, Biggs Darklighter. When he turned sixteen, Darklighter felt the pull of the stars, and determined to make his own way in the multiverse. With his parents' blessing, Darklighter entered the Alliance military and the piloting talents he had honed in his skyhopper at home landed him in the legendary Rogue Squadron, the successor to Biggs's unit. Despite his youth, Darklighter distinguished himself early, serving in the campaign to take Valia and resigning his commission to pursue the remaining Axis members, then rejoining with the rest of the Rogues and helping bring down the leaders of the Imperialists in the Second War. During that time, Darklighter met and fell in love with a Bothan, Asyr Sei'lar.

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Darklighter began his career as an idealistic farmboy, relatively naïve. He had been raised with the strong work ethic and family values of his moisture farmer parents, but he had little experience with the wider world and was nervous when forced into cosmopolitan situations. He also felt uncomfortable being by far the youngest pilot in Rogue Squadron, but Darklighter adapted quickly, soon fitting in among his comrades.

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