The Genii (Second Human Empire: ?) are humans from a planet in the Pegasus galaxy. To other humans, they appear to be simple farmers, but this is a ruse to disguise their true nature: a technologically advanced military society. The Genii are at a technological level resembling that of Pol Earth. As this level of technology is sufficient for the Wraith to consider them a potential threat, the Genii have used extreme measures to defend their society. Most of their civilization is hidden in massive Underground Bunkers, originally built as shelters from long-since forgotten conflicts. Within these bunkers, the Genii train their military and develop new technology in secret. On the surface, a small contingent of farmers presents the facade of a simple people to outsiders, though their farming operations are equally important to providing for the Genii below. To outsiders, the Genii are known for their tava beans, and frequently trade them with other worlds. Among their allies and trade partners are the Athosians, and to a more limited degree, the Manarians. The Genii joined the Alliance of Nations

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