General damon

Georg von Damon is a fifty-four year old general, and the commander of the central Gallian army. He rose to his post as a commander thanks to Borg's recommendation. Exceptionally proud of his noble birth, he considers the commoner militiamen disposable. Though the success of his grandfather as a general helped him rise through the ranks with uncommon speed, rumors abound that he lacks the requisite competence.

Most (if not all) Alliance Officers considers him to be little importance and the few people he manage to enraged have only caused them to try and find a way to have him killed, usually by sending him and few others to frontlines where the likelihood of survival is low. So, it come to no one's surprise of his Death on Valhalla in the Fop'lla Universe, but the cause of his death was not becomes of combat but rather him freezing to death due to the planet's extreme cold.

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