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Gial Ackbar
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Supreme General


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Viau Universe


1373 N.E.

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Mon Calamari





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"It's a trap!"
―Gial Ackbar

Gial Ackbar was a male Mon Calamari who became the foremost military commander of the Alliance of Nations and later the 5th Supreme General of the Multiversial Federation. He held the distinction of having been the Supreme Commander of the Allied Space Defense Force and defeating two Axis Admirals, Imperial Admiral Osvald Teshik and Cassian Admiral Malvolio Portus, along with numerous other threats. He wrote the manual for the Allied Fleet Academy, titled Fleet Tactics and Combat Methodology. He is also well-known for his line "It's a trap!" during the Great Battle of Endor

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Personal life[edit | edit source]

Ackbar's commitment to military service meant that he found little time for marriage or children. This was not uncommon amongst many of the early leaders of the Rebel Alliance, as devotion to duty left little time for romance or affection. Still, Ackbar did have family, including two nieces, future Jedi Master Cilghal and Jesmin Ackbar, a fighter pilot. Years of working closely with Leia Organa Solo forged a close friendship as well. During the stressful times surrounding the Black Fleet Crisis, Ackbar served as a close friend and father figure to Leia; the relationship was so close that Ackbar was one of a handful of people who had a private key to the Solo residence in the Imperial Palace. Ackbar also bonded with Anakin Solo at an early age, affectionately calling him "my little fish," due to the boy's love of water.

Flagships[edit | edit source]

Gial Ackbar in 2888 N.E.

As the Supreme Commander of both the Allied and Federation militaries, Ackbar regularly took to the field commanding forces in combat. As a result, the warship chosen as the flagship of the admiral tended to see much action. His first flagship was perhaps his most famous—Home One. The Mon Calamari cruiser was his command cruiser for nearly a decade, participating in some of the most significant engagements of the Galactic Civil War, including the Great Battle of Endor of the First War and the Great Battle of Bilbringi of the Second War.

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