Gilad Pellaeon was a dedicated Human male naval officer, serving for seven decades in the fleets of the Axis Joint navy, and rose to the position of supreme commander for the latter two governments. Pellaeon began his career in the Axis's Judicial Forces, where he ascended the ranks and captained the assault ship Leveler during the First Multiverse War. Pellaeon developed a strong attachment to the navy as an institution, Pellaeon continued serving aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera in the Second Multiverse War.

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Gilad Pellaeon was a military man at heart, dedicated to the fleet as an institution. He spent nearly his entire adulthood in naval service, from entering the academy at age fifteen to his death at ninety-two years old, minus only six or fewer years in retirement. Pellaeon regarded the fleet as the closest thing he had to family, his son Mynar Devis being unacknowledged. He spent far more time in space than he did on the ground, and considered no world home, and ultimately no ship as his home either—though Chimaera came closest. He dedicated his life to the military, internalizing its values of discipline, order, efficiency, and obedience to authority, and respected the military as a prestigious and honorable institution.Pellaeon was a meticulous and efficient commander and expected the very best of his subordinates, and his ships were exceptionally efficient. Despite his discipline, however, he had a fondness for the female sex which resulted in his being something of a womanizer, though he never settled down with any one woman. This caused some friction with the promotions board as a young man, but Pellaeon felt no need to conform to their standards. He was perfectly happy as a captain commanding a warship.

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