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The Gloriana-class Battleship was a massive class of Battleship constructed during the multiverse wars, size equal to the Executor. Each of these mighty vessels was highly individualistic and unique from one another in both form and armament. During the Great Crusade each individual Imperial force acquired at least one such vessel which inevitably became the Legion's flagship, utilised by their respective Primarchs.This role was due to these warships' incredible array of firepower, which allowed them to single-handedly batter entire fleets or recalcitrant planets into submission. As expected of such monumental warships, the armour of the Gloriana-class was incredibly thick and protected by overlapping Void Shields which allowed them to absorb stupendous amounts of damage. These warships helped the Allies swiftly conquer and bring newly-discovered worlds into Allied Compliance, which helped to establish the Imperium of Man and its allies of the multiverse.