The Gnolam (Second Human Empire name Booi'kki Yui'kkil) people appeared around the time of the Elerians and Trilarians. This physically short race from a low-gravity planet was often described as dwarven or gnome-like. They possessed an amazing ability to create and horde treasure, and their dictators almost never lacked money. Gnolams also had strong knowledge of business, resulting in large profits from trade routs and extra food sales. In addition to all this, Gnolams had amazing luck. Perhaps this power was their attempt to counter the Elerians mental powers; in any case, space monsters and Antaran fleets almost always ignored Gnolam planets. Disasters never befell the Gnolams, and unexpected fortune came frequently for them. Their biggest enemy was the Axis Of Empires (mainly the Elerians). They did respect the Allies. Gnolam leaders were usually peaceful, but could fund a large fleet very quickly when at war.

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