Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is one of two parts of a mort named Wilhelm Faulkner, who was a manipulative and ruthless child serial killer who created Fazbear's pizza as a means to draw children in so he could kill them. He represents the aggressive and ruthless parts of his personality.

Appearance Edit

He appears as a golden/yellow color variation of Freddy Fazbear with missing eyes. He also has a dark blue colored bowtie, as opposed to Freddy's black one, though this may be a result of the lighting. Upon closer inspection, a microphone can be seen held in his right hand, as well as two pinprick white dot-like pupils within his otherwise empty eye sockets.

His paws/hands are facing palms up. It is also possible that there is an endoskeleton in the suit. If one looks at the arms, a few wires/parts of the endoskeleton are visible. His jaw hangs open and his head is tilted to the right. He is also presented in a sitting, slouched position, as if he were dead.

Personality and Skills Edit

Individuals aware of Golden Freddy Edit

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