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"Let this war end in either total victory or our extinction. No further compromise shall we allow."

-All-Knowing Vortigaunt

The Golmar Earth Uprising is the name of the uprising that occurred between Golmar Earth's Human and Vortigaunt controlled Freedom Fighters and the Empire of the Combine Race. Xenian aliens are also partaking as an undeclared third party, fighting against both sides. The war occurred 20 years after the Black Mesa Incident and Seven Hour War, during the Combine's occupation of Earth. It occurred from 1370 to 1400 N.E. The war resulted in the Resistance's victory, however, Golmar Earth underwent a Civil War over what style of Government the newly freed Humans and Vortigaunts should have.

History Edit

People Involved Edit

The Golmar Earth Freedom Fighters Edit

  • Gordon Freeman
  • Judith Mossman

The Empire of the Combine Race Edit

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