MH4-Gore Magala Render 001

The Gore Magala is a curious monster that, when threatened, scatters pollen-like scales that heighten its own senses while causing detrimental effects to any other creatures that inhale them. As elusive as they are mysterious. In the Multiversial timeline the Gore Magala is used as carriers for the Frenzy Virus during the Infection War

Gore Magala is a very unique wyvern, sharing traits and similarities to that of the Elder Dragons, possessing six limbs, including the clawed wings on its back. Though, its overall appearance and stance resembles a quadrupedal wyvern like the Nargacuga. Its body is covered in dark exoskeleton plates, with notable features including the hidden feelers that are folded alongside its face, the lack of visible eyes and fanged jaws that are actually parts of its external armor plates. The other unique part is its wings, which are covered in jet-black fur that resemble a tattered and ragged cape. The claws on its wings are extremely prehensile, and even seem to possess opposable thumbs. They are used for grabbing, help at running and maintaining stability. When not engaged in combat, Gore Magala tends to cloak its body with its wings by latching them onto its back.

The pollen-like scales of Gore Magala are used to understand their environment and leave behind a trail that Gore Magala uses to see both predators and prey by heat. As Gore Magala's senses increase and become better from these scales, its color under its wings will slowly change and get brighter. When its sense are at their highest peak, two feelers will poke out from its head and it will release large amounts of scales into the air. The hairs will darken the sky as if an eclipse was in the area and it will begin to walk on all six. This state is known as the Frenzy State.

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