The Gorn (Second Human Empire: ?) are a cold-blooded reptilian race from the planet Gornar. Gorn appearance is distinct given their reptilian similarities. Gorn were a cold-blooded, reptilian species with green, rubbery skin, red blood and an average height of approximately two meters. They tended to be many times stronger than most humanoids, albeit slower and less agile but with greater stamina and, like most cold-blooded species, preferred warmer temperatures. Some Humans had an instinctive revulsion to the Gorn, as they were a type of reptile, and may think them primitive or unintelligent. This is unwise, as the Gorn are at least as intelligent as Humans. Gorn are physically very strong and tall, much more so than typical humans. They are known to be very stubborn and territorial. The Gorn joined the Axis of Empires

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