City 31 by diedinspace-d5szyia

A view of the city of Gorreth at night.

Gorreth, also known as the Crowned Jewel or the Holy City of Gorreth, is the capital city of Gormelar Prime and the official "seat of power" within the Semerian Commonwealth. A prosperous, glorious, enormous city, it serves as the primary location of the Semerian High Chancellory, an enormous palace where Garrundei Cezar resides in and has been since the day he came into power. Dominated by the Semerian in terms of its 78 million souls within the population, it is declared the "jewel and heart" of their civilization. Its enormous skyscrapers serve as homes and hotels for its residents within the city, who enjoy endless amounts of luxury, financial benefit, and universal education.

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