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The Granok (Second Human Empire name, Di'ki Doo'llki) are from a planet called Gnox. They are a golem-like race of warriors [1]and are a silicon-based sentient species whose bodies are made of dense, living stone. Centuries ago, Granok mercenaries banded together to beat back the mighty Axis and Coalition armies that threatened their homeworld. But when the war was over, these battle-hardened mercs were exiled when they refused to stand down and return to their peaceful lives. Joining up with the Alliance of Nations these Granok eventually decided to sign on to the Allied Accords and join the allies‘ fight against the Axis and Coalition. Today, most Granok are battle-tested, hard-drinking mercenaries.



First Multiverse War[]

Nercomorph Outbreak on Nexus[]

Second Nercomorph War[]

Final Days of the War[]

Post-War peace[]


Granok are silicone-based beings; their internals are soft and squishy, protected by a thick layer of rock-like skin. The phenomena is common to all fauna on Gnox.

They live for a very, very long time; Durek Stonebreaker, for example, has lived and served as the head of FCON for over 300 years. Whatever their age, however, they all look muscular and fit, their bodies unchanging unless it is physically deformed, like a chunk of their head getting blown off. There are markings all over their rock-skin that resemble tribal tattoos.

Granok may grow crystals, extra rock-skin, or even plants like leaves and moss on their heads and faces.