Granta Omega

Granta Omega was the son of the Dark Jedi Xanatos and the grandson of Telosian Governor Crion. Omega vowed revenge on the Jedi Order for his father's death, not wanting to accept the fact that Xanatos killed himself. Granta Omega was born on Telos IV to Tura Omega and the Dark Jedi Xanatos, who became the First Citizen of Telos IV. At age 3, he was sent with his mother to hide in the moon of Nierport VII, where Tura worked at a refueling station

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Granta Omega possessed highly developed skills of deception; more than once, he escaped detection while right under Jedi's noses. Omega was a Force Blank, which was a being with no connection to the Force, like some described as a "Void." He used this to his advantage. People forgot they'd seen him, or if they did remember him, they often could not quite place the face.

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