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Kreisau Circle MiG-27 Floggers and MiG-21 Fishbeds attacked an Drakh Military HQ in the Battle of Tordas

The Great Aerial Battle of Tordas is the name given to the First Multiverse War air campaign waged between the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires, Coalition of Independent States, The Republic of Ustio, The Protectorate of Menoth, Eldar Craftworlds, Kreisau Circle, Artemis Global Security, and the Drakh during the summer and autumn.

The Great Aerial Battle of Tordas was the second major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces, and was also the largest and most sustained aerial bombing and ground attack campaign to that date. Their objectives was to gain air superiority over the eight factions, ground attack to each faction's airfields, bases and infrastructure and naval attack on each faction's naval forces. Many aces participated here in this battle. The war ended in a victory for the Alliance of Nations thanks to the best 2 well-known ace pilots, the other factions were then forced to leave with over 20 million aircraft destroyed and 40 million personal killed by the end of the conflict total killed for all factions.


Reason for the Conflict[]

The Great Aerial Battle of Tordas began in support of the Great tank battle for Tordas which also went on simultaneously. The Great Aerial battles were for arieal supremacy dominance which in the battle was heavily contested to the point that a few hours only one factions planes could be supporting the ground battles.

Alliance of Nations[]

The Alliance of Nations was seeking a major victory for the planet of Tordas and at the start of the battle where at first outnumbered ten to one in numbers of fieldable aircraft.

The battle also helped the Alliance of Nations to gain more experienced pilots and to test experimental air craft and to test the performance of old gen fighters particularly the Pol Earth aircraft such as the Corsair, P-40 and Wildcat fighters to B-17, A-20 bombers and modern jets that faced against space strike craft such as the Tie fighter and X-wing.

Axis of Empires[]

The Axis of Empire was in a particular bad situation before the Great Aerial Battle of Tordas began and were lossing the ground war, Combine forces in the battle were relatively small, although the main parpictents of the Axis of Emprire were Nazi Germany Erusea and Estovakia of Hiuo'kui, along with the Galactic Empire and the Third Reich (Wolfienstien universe).

Over the course of the Arieal battles of Tordas the Axis of Empire air forces under went a series of expiermental aircraft including the Tie fighter advanced MkII and the Tie Defender. Axis of Empire pilots were highly trained and at first held an advantage over the Alliance of Nations and all other factions until they started suffering heavy losses.

During the battle an Imperial pilot under the callsign Titan 4 earned a place in history and his skills rivaled that of the Ace pilots of the Alliance of Nations so much that Titan 4's Tie fighter became chrome White . In doubtly his involvement along with Titan squadron helped the Axis of Empires keep a lasting on the planet Tordas until the situation of a major defeat was declared signalling the end of the Battle of Tordas and long after all the other factions had left.

The Japanese Empire sought for a replacement aircraft for the A6M zero in the arieal war for Torres and used the newly developed A7S Zero to great effect, the A7S had the lowest casualty rate thanks to the seeminly indestructable cockpit. A few A7S pilots were able to take on the Ace Pilot Mobius One and live to tell the tale. While not able to do any meaningful damage against the Alliance ace pilot, the A7S pilots claimed they were able to outmanuever the jet fighter Mobius one used and the ace pilot had to abort his attack which may have been because of fuel reasons, however the A7S pilots still had enougth fuel. While the A7S zero was successful it still didn't meet expectations and the A7S could not impact the great battle of Torres significantly enougth. The A7S inspired the Japanese Empire's A8S and A9M Zero carrier starfighters with the A8S serving some combat in the Great Arieal battle of Torres.

Coalition of Independent States[]

The Coalition mainly used stealth aircraft and heavily used the A6M Zero during the Aerial war to a point where the A6M Zero became the mainstaple aircraft and modified heavily. Besides the usuage of the Zero the Coalition mainly used Cold war jets and captured Tie fighters and X-wings. Although the Coaliation mainly used hit-and-run tactics attacking airfields and then dissapiering to secret stealthed land carriers, they provied quite a headache for logistical forces for the Axis of Empires and the Alliance of Nations. There were also the horde of Dakka jets provided by the Orks that would always hunt to have dogfights against any faction even their own Coalition forces if they got bored and even themselves if that didn't happen.


The Eldar's reasons for fighting is widely speculated and were a wild card duing the fighting to the point that the Eldar were sucidial with their aircraft ramming into although this may have been because the Eldar fought in several sub factions with each being successful, the main Eldar force was not as sucicidal as it many new sub factions but this may have been becuase the Eldar Craftworlds at the time of the Great Aerial Battle of Tordas had a wide population and needed a reason to get rid of some. The Eldar managed to cripple the Axis of Empire's communication systems at some point kown as the "Day of silence" by Axis forces that had fought on Tordas.

Protectorate of Menoth[]

Kreisau Circle[]

Mainly focused on striking at key installiations of every faction but did not focus their efforts on the Alliance of Nations. During the battle two PBY's solely decimated a small floatilla of cargo ships of a Axis of Empire's convoy defended by a few destroyers and a heavy cruiser.

The Kreisau Circle mainly used aircraft like the MIG-21 and Fighting Falcon, these planes were modified that their gattling gun shot lasers inttead of bullets which where most likely mounted on their two PBYs they had after stealing them from the Alliance of Nations.

Artemis Global Security[]

the Artemis global security were the original owners of the planet Tordas and formed a Pact with the Alliance of Nations to use their airfields and not be attacked, they mianly served as a peacekeeping force during the battle and would sometimes be supported by the Alliance of Nations, they unfortunatly had to abondened the planet after they poorly defended several civillian settlements from bombing campaigns and them being able to intercept Alliance of Nations aircraft that were sometimes forced to bombard captured civillian settlements that were captured from time-to-time.


Republic of Ustio[]

People involved[]

Alliance of Nations

Axis of Empires

Coalition of Independent States


Protectorate of Menoth

  • Feora, Priestess of the Flame
  • Thyra
  • Reznik
  • Kreoss
  • Thyra
  • Dartan Vilmon
  • Tristan Durant

Kreisau Circle

Artemis Global Security

  • Adrian DeWinter
  • Colonel Bruce
  • Major Talbot
  • Dragon Two-Six
  • David Crenshaw
  • Casper
  • Talon
  • Myrmidon

Drakh Empire

Republic of Ustio

  • Rainer Altman
  • Larry Foulke
  • Patrick James Beckett
  • Cipher