Semerian stormtroopers during the Great Ape Wars.

The Great Ape Wars, also known as the War of Desolation, was a series of wars fought between the Semerian countries and city-states on the planet Gormelar between 1910 and 1925. Like the First World War that ravaged Europe, the Great Ape Wars divided the planet into three factions: the conservatives, who sought to preserve the traditions and moral codes of the old ways, the liberals, who sought to promote the formation of a democratic society and enforce change, and the radicals (primarily communists), who sought to abolish the class system and religion while promoting homophobia and anti-capitalism. The war resulted in the deaths of three billion Semerians, both civilians and soldiers alike. As a consequence, by the time the war finally ended, the whole planet was brought down into an economic depression that crippled the Semerian people. Its legacy later laid down the foundations of the Semerian Commonwealth and its fascist ideology, making the liberals, conservatives, socialists, homosexuals, and radicals into mere scapegoats who would be brutally executed by the new regime.

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