The assassination of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the end of the battle

The Great Battle of Bilbringi took place in the Second War between the Alliance of Civilizations, Imperialist Alliance, Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations, Borg Collective and the Coalition of Independent States. It was the first engagement at Bilbringi fought between the side during the Second Multiverse War. The battle was fought at the entire planet for the sole reason that both the Alliance and the Smuggler's Alliance desired to capture a crystal gravfield trap (CGT), a device that would allow the Alliance to uncover the location of cloaked asteroids that Thrawn had set in orbit over Coruscant.

A consummate strategist, Grand Admiral Thrawn accurately predicted the Alliance assault fleet would target Bilbringi, while a concurrent Allied destruction of Romulus on Duyi'zu would be a feint.

The battle ended a decisive victory for the Alliance of Civilizations, it signified the death of Admiral Thrawn, Director Ysard and Jagged Fel and the captured CGT.

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