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The Great Battle of Endor (also known as Endor War), fought between the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires, Coalition of Independent States, Protectorate of Menoth, Thalan Empire, Borg Collective. Many people and heroes involved in this largest and most important engagements of the First War

Alliance of Nations[]

Jonathan J. O'Neill, leading the Alliance Ground Forces in the Forest Moon of Endor

Grand Admiral Ackbar, leader of the Grand Alliance Fleet in the battle on space

Axis of Empires[]

Firmus Piett, leader of the Axis Fleet in the space section of Endor before he was killed at the near-end of the battle

Coalition of Independent States[]

Amita, Admiral of the Golden Path, was leading her Horde fleet in the Space section of Endor.

Lady Vashj leading their Horde troops in the forest moon of Endor

Protectorate of Menoth[]

  • Feora, Priestess of the Flame
  • Grand Exemplar Kreoss
  • Grand Scrutator Severius
  • High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
  • Initiate Tristan Durant
  • Knights Exemplar Seneschal
  • Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
  • Vassal Mechanik
  • Amon Ad-Raza
  • Servath Reznik
  • Intercessor Kreoss
  • Reznik, Wrath of Ages
  • Thyra, Flame of Sorrow

Thalan Empire[]

Borg Collective[]

  • Borg Queen, part of her Borg Strike force in the dark side of Endor

    Borg Queen
  • Seven of Nine
  • Locutus of Borg
  • Moninger
  • Hugh
  • One of Eight
  • Marie
  • Needle Fingers
  • Lynch
  • Ten of Twelve