The Great Battle of Hoth was a major victory for the Alliance of Nations and the second worst battlefield defeat suffered by the Axis of Empires after the Gi'ru Conflict during the First War. The battle was an failed Axis invasion aimed at destroying the Alliance's Echo Base hidden on the remote ice world Hoth but it was heavily defended by the Alliance's superweapon, the Particle Collider. The base's location was compromised when a viper probe droid deployed by the Axis landed on Hoth. When the Death Squadron fleet commanded by General Tizzioulia Cilivikki left lightspeed too close to the Hoth system, the Admiral inadvertently alerted the Alliance of the Imperial's presence, giving the Alliance prepare to fire at the fleet. Thus, Vader executed him for that fatal mistake and immediately promoted Captain Firmus Piett to replace him. After the First War, the Great Battle of Hoth served as the basis for a historical training simulation designed to test Allied officer cadets.

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