Great Multiverse: Alliance Commando is a first person shooter Great Multiverse computer and video game, released in the US. It was developed and published for the Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. The game uses the "Unreal Engine 3" developed by Epic Games.

Synopsis Edit

Great Multiverse: Alliance Commando follows the tale of Garrett Hawke, an Ferelden soldier, though three missions takes place during the Orlesian Annexation. He was proficient with a large variety of weapons, computer systems, and demolitions equipment.

The game covers Garrett Hawke’s activities in five locations, the planet Thedas, the planet Geonosis, a derelict Ferengi assault ship designated the Prosecutor, the Axis space station designated as Tirpitz II, and the planet Khadora. In each location, the player leads their squad through a series of objectives while battling against enemy forces ranging from droids to Orks. The player is assisted throughout the game by allied adviser Kirce James, who regularly updates mission objectives as each level progresses.

Gameplay Edit

The game is played from a first person perspective – the player sees through Garrett's helmet Heads-up display and controls Garrett's actions. Health and armor bars indicate percentage of health and med kits remaining. Orders can be issued to their troops through squad commands, such as "secure area" and "search and destroy". Certain objects open up special commands — doors can sometimes be either breached (noisily blown open) or sliced (quietly hacked) and squad members can be ordered to man fixed weapons positions.

There are 30 weapons to be acquired and a retractable Knuckle plate vibro blade is available for melee combat. These weapons are in an additional slot, and only one of these can be held at any one time.

Weapons Edit

  1. FP-3 Pistol
  2. CZ75
  3. USP Match
  4. KP-12 Pistol
  5. SPAS-12 Shotgun
  6. KL-5 Auto Shotgun (Khadoran shotgun)
  7. Jagdfaust Autoflinte-60 Automatic Shotgun
  8. PDW-2
  9. MP7
  10. KM-7 SMG
  11. MP70
  12. FAR-8 Assault Rifle
  13. M-7A Commando
  14. AN-94 Abakan
  15. STG-60
  16. DC-15A Blaster Rifle
  17. AK 5.56mm Md 2012
  18. FSR-2 Sniper Rifle
  19. MzG-60
  20. KR-20 Sniper Rifle
  21. FGPMG
  22. PKP Pecheneg
  23. MG-60
  24. MGL-140 Grenade Launcher
  25. FRL-2 AT Launcher
  26. Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon
  27. Accelerated Charged Particle Array
  28. Bolter
  29. FIM-92 Stinger
  30. Tesla Cannon
  31. FG2 Grenade

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

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