Great Multiverse: Allied Assault was an interactive DVD game, took place in the First War.

Plot summary Edit

The game follows the adventures of an unnamed young person known under the handle of Rookie One. Who like other heroes, is a farmboy or farmgirl from Tatooine (the player can choose the gender) who decides to join the Alliance.

Gameplay Edit

Although the scenario, the plot and the variety of missions were neither original or rich, the game's value consisted mainly on the technical part, since it featured digitized footage and music from the original movies, full speech and high quality 3D-rendered graphics. The "chapters" of the game were to meant to be reminiscent of events and battles of the movies.

The gameplay consists of various spaceflight missions, mainly confined in a certain video looping. The course of the ship is predetermined and the player has to hit the targets (usually TIE Fighters) that show up and partially control and steer the ship so that it won't collide to some obstacles and lose hit points.

Chapters Edit

  1. Flight Training
  2. Asteroid Field Training
  3. Planet Maled
  4. Star Destroyer Attack
  5. Tatooine Attack
  6. Asteroid Field Chase
  7. Axis Probe Droids
  8. Axis Walkers
  9. Axis Soldiers
  10. Stormtroopers
  11. Protect Allied Transport
  12. Yavin Training
  13. Starfighter Attack
  14. Death Star Surface
  15. Surface Cannon
  16. Death Star Trench
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