Great Multiverse: Armada III - Young's Revenge is a real-time strategy game, published by Activision. The sequel to Great Multiverse: Armada II, it featured greatly improved three dimensional graphics as well as many new classes of ships, new playable heroes and greater emphasis. Set in the years following the New Berlin Convention of 2379, unlike the first two Armada games that took place in the First War. Armada III is based around the Second War between the Alliance of Civilizations and Imperialists.

In Armada III, players acted as commanders in control of an entire theater of operations. Economics, strategy and tactics were equally important. Many important dynamics from Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire were simulated, such as many types of nebulae, a latinum-based wartime economy, neutral traders, and a highly technology-dependent balance of power.

Playable Factions Edit

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Campaign Edit

  • Alliance - Shattered Glass
  • Imperialist - Young's Campaign
  • Pact - Red Hand
  • Horde - Fractured Coalition
  • Borg - From the Ground Up

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Each faction features two avatars that you can choose from. The avatar is the first thing chosen in the game. Separate avatars offer unique bonuses and ships which are only available to that specific avatar. Depending on the avatar, you can adopt a wide variety of different strategies.

A list of avatars and their bonuses for each faction is as follows

Alliance Edit

  • Mon Calamari Shipyards - Gain access to build Mon Calamari-based warships
  • Starfleet Command - Gain access to build United Federation of Planets warships
  • Combined Races and TransRace Armadas - Gain access to build Combine based warships

Imperialists Edit

  • Palpatine's Doctrine - Allows to build the Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer and Eclipse-class Dreadnought
  • Empire of the Hand - Allows to build Empire of the Hand units
  • Imperial Union Fleets - Allows to build Combine based warships

Horde Edit

  • Klingon Rebels - Gain access to Duras, Son of Ja'rod's Klingons
  • Sylvanas's Favor - Gain access to the Forsaken-captured Galactic Empire ships commanded by Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Chimera Armadas - Gain access to build Chimeran Warships

Pact Edit

  • Axis Reserves - Gain access to old Axis of Empires ships
  • Zerkova's Technology - Gain access to Zerkova's upgrades
  • Union Fleet Systems - Gain access to build old UCN ships

Borg Edit

  • Directive: Optimize - Gain access to Recycling Center
  • Directive: Assimilate - Allows to build Borg Pyramids

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