Great Multiverse: Final Lines is a first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and Blizzard for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set in an alternate timeline in which the Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia won the First Multiverse War and started a campaign of Genocide against he Multiverse, wiping out all but two worlds, from there, the Remnant, a loose-alliance made up of surviving Allied, Horde and Axis remnants and various refugees and surviving independent factions, fights to ensure the survival of the last two worlds.

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taking place in an alternate 2410s, it's has been a full three hundred years sense the Cruel Lord destroyed the Alliance, Axis and Coalition and has sense waged a gruesome campaign of genocide against all in the Multiverse. What's left of the Alliance, Axis, Coalition and numerous independent factions, including various refugee fleets that numbers in the millions, has sense forged the Remnant to combat the advances of the Cruel Lord, but, it's failing, ten years ago, the Cruel Lord wiped out Third last planet, leaving only two to remain, Uoe'wujik Earth and Zoa'riktoik Earth. The Remnant is now converging onto the two planets, planning to stage one final stand in this horrific war, this war for survival, however, the Hunter, a being of death, destruction and chaos, sees this as something new, and process to attack both worlds. Can they survive the war, and finally put an end to the Cruel Lord's Genocide, or die, trying so desperately in their final defense.

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  • The Remnant
  • The Cruel Lord's Legion
  • The Hunter's Abominations

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