Great Multiverse: Heroes of the Alliance, or HOTA is an action RPG developed in part by Bioware, the makers of Star Wars: KotOR, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The game retains the RTS aspects of the first game, and also keeps much of the exploration element of the previous game. HOTA takes place well in the First War.. It runs on roughly the same engine as the first game, but the graphics are obviously far superior due to next gen consoles.

Gameplay Edit

HOTA is a RTS combat focused RPG with heavy exploration elements. There are around 30 universes and 150 planets confirmed to be accessible at this point, as opposed to the 6 or 7 available in its predecessor. 

Combat Edit

Combat is relatively similar to Star Wars KotOR games and Dragon Age: Inquisition, with an option for an attack available on a bar under the character. Attack abilities can be upgraded through leveling up, as well as items that are picked up throughout the game. Some additions to the combat are the use of portable shields to use as cover, as well as the ability to take cover during a firefight. Grenades can be thrown while on the run, and the animations for running and combat after running have been totally upgraded to make them look more smooth. Combat rolls and the chance to throw back grenades has been added as well.

Levelling Edit

HOTA has a high priority on RPG elements, such as leveling up. HOTA uses experience points acquired from quests or killing enemies to help level up your character. Upgrades such as more grenade space, a higher party size, or the ability to shoot force lightning are just the beginning of some of the many upgrades available.

Exploration Edit

Exploration is a key element in the game, as exploring will open up new areas and reveal secrets and easter eggs. Exploring is a good way to earn xp, as charting an area will give a player extra xp, but the player will be subjected to the dangers of the wilderness. Exploring will also help you find new party members and quests. 

Karma System Edit

a mixture of Fallout's mortality system and Star Wars mortality system, the terms are used for the following

Light Karma Edit

Light Karma is based on benevolent actions the player makes (ex.

Neutral Karma Edit

Neutral Karma is less points gained and more the middle state of the player's Karma System

Dark Karma Edit

Dark Karma is based on malevolent actions the player makes (ex.

Prestige System Edit

The player have a bar that indicates the players' relations with the three major factions and various minor factions. the Prestige system is accessed by the pause menu. Relations increased or decreased based upon the actions the player towards the factions he/she makes, if the player's relations with a faction is high enough, the faction can send help to the player, while if its low enough, the faction will send bounty hunters and will attack the player if countered by a patrol or when the player wanderers into a factions base

Missions Edit

Mission Name Overview Factions Rewards
Guerrilla Warfare Used by factions that either do not have the resources or the manpower to take a region, the mission usually involves the player creating a pro-faction, largely civilian, army that will then fight against the faction that's in control of the region, once the mission is complete, the Guerrillas will then turn over control of the region to the faction they fought fore Alliance, Coalition, Circle, Atlas, Eldar
Raid Used by all the faction, raids are often small groups of a faction lead by the player in an attack against another factions outpost and or base either taking a part of a secret weapon or they take over the base and the rebuild it with another faction's buildings and occupied by the same faction's forces All Factions
Espionage Used by a few factions, used as a means to gather intelligence on another faction. The mission are often given to the player in which he/she would head to the targets faction's outpost and then gather intelligence for the faction that gave the mission Axis, Atlas, Empire, Second Empire
Slave Running Given to the player by a handful of factions, the mission involves the player going into a civilian town/village/city and then capturing it's population to be later sold into slavery by the faction assigned the mission. Cartel, Smugglers, Sun
Smuggling Given to the player by factions either low on resources, using it for research, or are less then honest, these missions often have the player transporting a resource from one area/region to another. Cartel, Circle, Smugglers, Second Human Empire
Conquest conquering a planet is crucial in the war effort. To capture a planet, you must raise an army of either clones, soldiers, or mercenaries, acquire ships, and besiege the capital ship guarding the desired planet. After killing the commander on board, the player must capture a base on the planet's surface to claim victory. However, these bases can be attacked and taken back at any time by opposite side forces. If you play as a allied member, you can reclaim the planets by doing the same as conquering them. Once the player has finished all the main storyline missions on the planet, they can choose to obliterate it, leaving it inaccessible for the rest of the game and upping your Dark Karma points tremendously. Alliance, Coalition, Axis, Eldar, Borg, Empire,
Revolution A mission that's only given if a planet is completely under the control of either the Axis or the Coalition, the Alliance will assign the mission to the player in which he/she helps kick start a Pro-Alliance Revolution. Alliance only
Anarchy A mission that's only given if a planet is completely under the control of either the Alliance or the Axis, the Coalition will assign the mission to the player in which he/she goes to the planet and spread chaos across the planet and dismantle it's defenses to allow a Coalition Invasion of the planet so after Coalition only
Genocide A mission that's only given if a planet is completely under the control of the Axis. the Axis will assign the mission to the player in which he/she helps the Axis wiping out a large potion of the planet's population. Axis only
Protection A mission that's given only on a handful of planets at one or two times, the Cartel will hire the player in which the player will help protect a important member of the Cartel from assassinations and other threats Cartel only
Assassination A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Circle will given the player a mission in which he/she will kill a target that the Circle has assigned them to kill Circle only
Experimentation A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Atlas will given the player a mission in which he/she help Atlas capture rare resources, certain animals or given people. Atlas only
Piracy A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Sun will given the player a mission in which he/she helps the Sun in capturing a certain number of ships for them Sun only
Purging A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Eldar will given the player a mission in which he/she helps the Eldar in "Purifying" a location of all non-Eldars Eldar only
Theft A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Smugglers will given the player a mission in which he/she steals something for them Smugglers only
Technological Theft A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Empire will given the player a mission in which he/she steals something for them, something of technological importance Empire only
Research A mission that's given only a few times in the game, the Second Empire will given the player a mission in which he/she helps the Second Empire in their research Second Empire only
Defense A mission that occurs at random, the player will be contacted by any of the various factions where they will ask for help in defending their base, outpost and or otherwise important facilities All Factions
Assimilation Borg Collective only (Rise of the Borg Collective DLC)

Transportation Edit

Mounts are used to travel great distances in a short time. These mounts can either be tamed or bought at livestock stores. Different livestock stores will have different mounts depending on the planet.

Speeder bikes, vehicles and pod racers are also viable forms of transportation. They go much faster and can be equipped with weapons, but cost much more. The player can also use tanks and other army vehicles in the game. The attacks in these vehicles is very similar to that of regular attacks.

The player's flagship, aptly named The Spirit of the Ebon Hawk, can be changed and upgraded from a small smuggler ship resembling that of Boba Fett's, or the Federation's USS Enterprise.  


Image Species Homeworld
Bantha Viau Universe
Gorrat Varied
Tauntaun NEGAS
Tauntaun Viau Universe
Blurrg Filo Universe
Bol Viau Universe
Kybuck Filo Universe
Guarlara by natebaertsch
Guarlara Filo And Viau
Orray 1
Orray Filo
MHW-Aptonoth Render 001
Aptonoth Milsk'huikol
Varactyl NEGAS
Varactyl Filo
Rancor NEGAS
Rancor Varied

Transport VehiclesEdit

Image Vehicle Origin
650px-74-Z Military Speeder Bike
74-Z Speeder Bike Viau Universe
Vulture-class hoverbike De'mini Universe
Argo in maneuvers
Argo-type Buggy Duyi'zu Universe
Felreden FAV
FC-1 FAV Ou'hjik Universe
X-34 Landspeeder Viau Universe
Vehicle Flash
Flash Kio'ooki Universe
BARC profile
BARC Speeder Filo Universe
CC-6 Pitbull Gizzur Universe
Puma s3 light utility vehicle alternate by mr ichart-d7xrqla
MS-1 FAV Tiu'lo Universe
US Navy 060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol
Humvee Goo'iiki, Dol and Vi'loon Universe

Armies Edit

Once a player rises to leader of their faction, they can assemble an army sufficient enough to defeat their opposition. The player can ask worlds they hold for soldiers, hold a draft (gains dark karma points), hire mercenaries or make clones or droids. As a leader, you can even buy beasts, such as wampas and aacklays for your army. You should also invest in vehicles and ships for your army, as well as special units and upgrades. Jedi and Sith can also be recruited or turned to fight for your side in war. During battles, you can command your forces from the field or in a top down perspective, adding in some more RTS and some managing aspects in the game.

Character Customization Edit

At the beginning of the game the player is prompted to create their own player who they control throughout the game. This creation has the basic facial customization aspects, and has a new feature from KOTOR: the ability to choose the race of your character. There are several races that are playable and each have their own advantages. The Players name changes based upon the player's karma, Light Karma: The Liberator, Neutral Karma: The Supreme Commander, Dark Karma: The Conqueror, Ultra Dark Karma: The Grim Reaper, but when the player first creates the character is only known by the player's chosen name

Image Race Stats
Lt Allison Jakes
Spock, 2267
Stripped combine soldier
TransHuman Combine
High Elf
Kel Dor
Tyrande Wei
Night Elf
Teal'c Ark of Truth
Separatist Elf
Quark, 2375
Redpeople security
Qunari DA2
Liara Character Box
Data, 2379
Soong-type Android
500px-Togruta NEGAS
Togruta (The Descent)
Twi'lek (The Descent)
Elerian (Jaws of Hakkon)
TERA Cutout (9)
Aman (Jaws of Hakkon)
Son'a Ba'ku (Ru'afo's Reign)
Draken (Ru'afo's Reign)
Seven of Nine, 2378
Ex-Borg (Rise of the Borg Collective)

Once you've picked the race of your character, you have the ability to choose the class of the character. There are four classes: Aggressor, Diplomat, Protector, and Scoundrel. The Aggressor class tends to be more combat oriented, and will often stray towards the dark side. Diplomat will only fight when necessary or if provoked, but are masters at force maneuvers. Protectors always do whats best for others and are agile and speedy. Scoundrels tend to be dark side or bounty hunter classes who are naturally good at gambling, Pazaak, scavenging, persuasion, and swoop racing. 

Once the player has picked their class, they are given stats that fit their class and then are given 10 skill points to allocate. The skills are as following:

Computer Use-How good a player is at hacking mainframes and gaining information.

Demolitions-How well a player can set and defuse mines and traps.

Stealth-How sneaky a player is.

Engineering-How good the player is with robots and droids.

Awareness-Increases the players chance of a dodge or saving roll as well as awareness about current events in the galaxy.

Persuasion-How persuasive a player is to others.

Repair-How well a player can repair objects, ships, vehicles, droids, and robots.

Security-How good at overriding security systems a player is.

Treat Injury-How well a player can treat his or her injuries or the injuries of their party members with medkits and force abilities.

Agility-How fast the player is and how well they can dodge.

These skills range from 1-20 and will affect what the player can do over the course of the game. After the player has spent their allocated skill points they can choose from many abilities they might want for their character. These abilities

Universes Edit

  1. Pol Universe
  2. Zol Universe
  3. Duyi'zu Universe
  4. Filo Universe
  5. Viau Universe
  6. Bab'lonin Universe
  7. Golmar Universe
  8. Ou'hjik Universe
  9. Mink'ius Universe
  10. Tiu'lo Universe
  11. Gil Universe
  12. Gizzur Universe
  13. Fuii'zuni Universe
  14. Ssil'jiiy Universe
  15. Biu'liniu Universe
  16. Uini'ini Universe
  17. Devi'uikni Universe
  18. Vil'oon Universe
  19. Riz'ro Universe
  20. Gi'ru Universe
  21. Beta Zi'nini Universe
  22. Li'yuti Universe
  23. Kui'uyi Universe
  24. Zii'lii Universe
  25. Ziu'yyhuk Universe
  26. Cuy'ti Universe
  27. Aoop'yujo Universe
  28. Sizzx'ixi Universe
  29. Eur'uui Universe
  30. Vuyi'uio Universe

Party and Advisors Edit

Throughout the game you are able to collect and hire party members for your group.You can have 3 party members with you at a time. Each member will have different abilities, such as computer hacking or the ability to craft medkits. Some members can only be attained through certain progression on a side of the force, whether it be light or dark. If you return to a party members home planet you might receive a backstory or quest information from that character. You can talk to each party member on the Spirit of the Ebon Hawk or in the field to learn more about them. You can also upgrade party members' equipment by giving them weapons or armor you have picked up during your journey. Droids can be upgraded with parts to give them more abilities. Other party members level up individually and you can allocate their skill and ability points for them or let them handle it.

Name Karma Alignment Species Gender Role
Melisand Cousineau Neutral Human Female Party member (love interest,Male)
Satsute Light Twi'lek Female Party member (love interest,Male)
Alucia Gaidonis Neutral Turian Female Party member (love interest,Male)
Teigue O'Fadain Neutral Human Male Party member (love interest,Male)
Yaknuh Druol Dark Drell Male Party member (love interest,Male)
Selraa Conivius Light Asari Female Party member (love interest, both genders)
Jedi Knight Aliv Tiuli Light Human Male Party member (love interest,Female)
Jon'sallo Neutral Quarian Male Party member (love interest,Female)
Y'holaeth Winterwhisper Neutral Night Elf Male Party member (love interest,Female)
Tilin Ailian Light Togruta Female Party member (love interest,Female)
Li Han Dark Human Female Party member (love interest,Female)
Alan Smyth Light Forshaken Male Party member
Asma Amireanoez Neutral TransHuman Female Party member
Enesslea T'ershi Neutral Asari Female Party member
Dreamer Neutral Human (Fett series Clone) Male Party member
Dospitus Declin Dark Turian Male Party member
Vulot Qrayax Dark Korgan Male Party member
Haven Parish Neutral Ghoul Male Party member
Speten Light Wookiee Male Party member
Kiuo Winvil Light Twi'lek Male Party member
Xi-480 Neutral Droid Male Party member
Unity Neutral Exo Female Party member
Usal Juls Dark Salarian Male Party member
Felra Fistrunner Neutral Orc Female Party member
Mataris Blackvale Light Blood Elf Male Party member
Brant Sangster Neutral Human Male Pilot/Adviser/Crew member
Eistine Neutral High Elf Female Pilot/Adviser/Crew member
Charlotte Gerber Light TransHuman Female Adviser/Crew member
Tonlom Neutral Kol Dor Male Adviser/Crew member
T'kes Neutral Vulkan Male Adviser/Crew member
Wirt'boso'ormu Neutral Chiss Female Adviser/Crew member
Jedi Master Von Ton Neutral Human Male Adviser/Crew member
Jacoba Light Meta Human (Supermutant) Female Adviser/Crew member

Quest/Mission Givers Edit

Image Name Species Area Found In/Homeworld
James Kirk, 2371
James T. Kirk Human USS Enterprise-A, Duyi'zu
TERA Cutout (50)
Ariala Castanic Arborea, Wuti'ghu
Solas Thedassian Elf Thedas, Ou'hjik
R8 negtd
R8-C7 Astromech Droid Ysiela, Viau Universe
Satya Vaswani Human Overwatch HQ, Contu'uji Universe
Klatooinian NEGAS
Chob Tabat Klatooinian Klatooine, Viau Universe
Josephine Montilyet Human Peaceful Love, Viau/Ou'hjik Space
Dengar Human Tatooine, Viau Universe
Larr Givin Yag'Dhul, Viau Universe
Wedge Antilles Human Yavin 4, Viau Universe
William Riker, 2379
William T. Riker Human USS Enterprise-E, Duyi'zu Universe
CC-2224 Clone Utapau, Filo
Leonard McCoy, 2267
Leonard McCoy Human USS Enterprise-A, Duyi'zu
Amita Human Golden Path, Eur'uui/Gil Space
William Adama
William Adama Human Battlestar Galactica, Biu'liniu
River Tam Human Serenity II, Jui'uhi
Nyota Uhura, 2293
Nyota Uhura Human Earth Spacedock, Duyi'zu
Rose Parallel world and my dad's still alive
Rose Tyler Human Doon'kin Alpha Earth, Doon'kin Alpha
Quark, 2375
Quark Ferengi Deep Space 9
Valeera HoW
Valeera Sanguinar Blood Elf Blood Elf Spacedock 45, Tiu'lo Universe
Daniel Jackson02
Daniel Jackson Human Tollana, Eur'uui Universe
Seven of Nine, 2378
Seven Of Nine Borg/Human USS Voyager, Duyi'zu
Lando WoSW
Lando Calrissian Human Bespin, Viau
Aurra Sing ??? Filo Tatooine, Filo Universe
Morrigan profile
Morrigan Human Morrigan's Spaceport, Ou'hjik
Derrial Book Human Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser, Viau
Dash Rendar Human Corellia, Viau Universe
Tyr Anasazi Nietzschean Andromeda, Vuytti
Jayne Cobb Human Serenity, Jui'uhi Universe
Wrex Character Box
Urdnot Wrex Krogan Eden Prime, Riz'ro
Aeryn Sun
Aeryn Sun Sebacean Moya, Fuii'zuni Universe
270px-Kaidan Character Box
Kaidan Alenko Human SSV Normandy, Riz'ro
Talon Karrde Human Corellia, Viau Universe
Luke Skywalker Human Yavin 4, Viau Universe
Boba Fett Human (clone) Various Cantinas/Kamino, Viau Universe
Cassandra Pentaghast (Jaws of Hakkon) Human Chantry HQ, Thedas, Ou'hjik Universe
Varric Tethras (Jaws of Hakkon) Thedassian Dwarf Various Cantinas, Viau Universe
Princess Anij (Ru'afo's Reign) Ba'ku Ba'ku, Duyi'zu Universe
Gallantin (Ru'afo's Reign) Son'a Ba'ku Terror, Filo/Tiu'lo Space
Borg Queen (Rise of the Borg Collective) Borg Borg Queen's Ship
Venom Snake TTP
Venom Snake (Trespasser) Human Mother Base III, Fuii'zuni Space


A large part of HOTA is raising an army for the side you are on and taking over or liberating the multiverse. There are three main factions battling each other for control of the Multiverse. These three factions are the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires and the Coalition of Independent States. There are several Non-playable minor factions the player encountered: The Hutt Cartel, The Kreisau Circle, The Atlas Corporation, The Black Sun, The Eldar, The "Smugglers" Alliance, The Diamond Dogs (Trespasser), The Borg Collective, and Second Human Empire. Each Planet has some units unique to their faction that they can produce to aid the player on their Multiversial conquest. Armies are raised either through buying units, employing scouts to look for force sensitive warriors, or raising troops from owned planets for a cost, of course. Each faction also has generals whom can be added to the players party at any time.


Alliance of NationsEdit

Leader: Jonathan J. O'Neill

Generals: William BJ Blazkowicz, Jean-Luc Picard, Allison Jakes, Marian Hawke, Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, Arne Magusson

Axis of EmpiresEdit

Leader: Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia

Generals: Admiral Thrawn, General Grievous, Wilhelm Strasse, Chang, Nikolai Krukov, Andrei Malakov, Darius

Coalition of Independent StatesEdit

Leader: Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Generals: Sylvanas Windrunner, Ru'afo, Gudeom Grobblers, Tyber Zann, Amita, Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich

Faction Specific UnitsEdit

Alliance of NationsEdit

Image Name Items
? Allied Trooper Felreden GPMG

M82 Assault Rifle

Thompson M2020


DH-17 Blaster Pistol

Combat Gear

Security guard tsfs 2
Starfleet Marine Type 3 Phaser Rifle

Type 2 Phaser Pistol

Starfleet Uniform

? Vanguard AT4 Rocket Launcher

MP5 SMG M8 Pistol

Combat Gear

? HVF Soldier RPG




EFF Uniform

Bothan Spy CR41 Incinerator

Invisibility projector

Time bombs Clothes

Wookiee Warrior Bowcaster

HH-4 Mortar Launcher

R4 Recon Droid

CloneDC15A -Fathead
Clone Trooper DC-15A Blaster Rifle

DC-15S Blaster

DC-17 Hand Blaster

Phase II Armor

? Felreden Ranger FSR-1 Sniper Rifle

FP-3 Pistol

Ranger Armor

? Jedi Lightsaber

Jedi Clothes

Contact tactical lia by shimmering sword-d37d1mx
Task Force 141 Unit AS50 Sniper Rifle

G36C Rifle


LS-21 Valk


TF141 Uniform

Axis of EmpiresEdit

Image Name Items
Child of war by trufanov-d32zq8v
Axis Conscript Pytaek


PP-19 Bizon

VC30 Sickle

MP-443 Grach

Combat Gear

? Klingon AT Soldier RPG-18

Klingon Disruptor Pistol

Klingon Guard Uniform

? Cerberus Soldier Cerberus Harrier

Cerberus M6 Pistol

Cerberus Uniform

Overwatch Soldier mp7
Overwatch Soldier OSPIR



USP Match

Elite Armor

Nazi soldier
German Shock Trooper Sturmgewehr 60

Jagdfaust Autoflinte-60

Luger P-60

Nazi Uniform

Imperial Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster Rifle

SE-14C Pistol

Storm Trooper Armor

Black Witches KVSK


StA-25 Vlug

VC15 Judaz

Black Witches Uniform

Axis Sniper E-11s Sniper Rifle

SvK5 Pistol (Mrrshan Pistol)

Sniper Outfit

Count Dooku headshot gaze
Sith Warrior Lightsaber

Sith Outfit

Supersoldaten2 1946
Ubersoldat MG-60

Coalition of Independent States Edit

Image Name Items


Blood Pack Punisher


Browning HP

Grunt Outfit

Goff Boy
Ork Boy Shoota


RPG Grunt RPG-7



RPG Grunt Outfit

Lelith Hesperax
Wych Trident


Wych Metal Bikini

Ewok Handler Bastard Carbine

Gaffi Stick

Ewok (attached to bomb)

Semerian stormtrooper
Semerian Corpsmen SKS

Makarov PMM

Boltshot in Mandalorian armor
Mandalorian Warrior Dual Sacros K-11 blaster pistols


Mandalorian Armor


Ork Nob by Supremehydra
Ork Nob Nob Cannon
Defiler eawfoc
Defiler RT-97C heavy repeating blaster

EC-914 Colonial SVD Dragunov

Desert Eagle

Defiler armor

Yhijurn Heavy Squad M2 Browning

YR-2521 Battle Rifle Type 89 GL

Faction Specific Vehicles Edit

Alliance of Nations Edit

Image Name
A-A5 heavy speeder truck
A-A5 Speeder Truck
Stryker ICV
Stryker ICV
Ultra Light Assault Vehicle
M2 Bradley
Land Speeder
Heavy Tracker
Heavy Tracker
Cygnarian Haley Industries HT9A1 Istrenyr Tank
HT9A1 Istrenyer
Eaw t4b
T-4B Heavy Tank
Snowspeeder TCG
T-47 Airspeeder
Felreden Attacker
FAT-18 Fighter
F-22A Raptor
F/A-22 Raptor
B-1B Lancer
Baneblade 00

Axis of Empires Edit

Image Name
HAVR Floating Fortress
1024px-BTR-80A (3)
TIE Mauler
Bmp-3 tan
At-st large pic
1024px-2013 Moscow Victory Day Parade (28)
2-M repulsortank
2-M Saber Repulsor Tank
Spider Walker
Eaw spma-t
Image TOS-1
TOS-1 Buratino
Imperial dropship transport
Mi-28 Ingame
Mi-28 Havoc
Sukhoi Su-24 inflight Mishin-3
Su-24 Fencer
Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-22M3 Beltyukov
Tu-22M Backfire

Coalition of Independent States Edit

Image Name
Ork War Trukk
M113 APC
Swamp Speeder
Image BMP2
Bantha-II Cargo Skiff
Command Speeder 714-D
Command Speeder 714-D
T-72 Tank
Canderous Assault Tank
MZ8 Mobile Pulse Cannon
BM-21 GRAD ingame
BM-21 Grad
Russian Air Force Mil Mi-24PN Dvurekov-6
Mi-24 Hind
? ?
Su-25 Frogfoot
Su-27 Flanker-B
Su-27 Flanker
Air-to-air right underside rear view of a Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat aircraft
MiG-25RB Foxbat
HAVt B5 Juggernaut

Faction Specific Playable Starships Edit

Alliance of Nations Edit

Image Name
T-wing 1 3
T-Wing Interceptor
Z-95 Headhunter
Y-wing 2
Viper Mark II
X-wing Fathead
Felreden Starfighter
FX-1 Starfighter
F-302 Interceptor
Eta-2 Interceptor
B-wing infly
Incom X4
X-4 Gunship
YT-1300 Freighter
Millennium Falcon
USS Defiant in 2375
Defiant-class (Jaws of Hakkon)

Axis of Empires Edit

Image Name
TIE Fighter
Death Glider
TIE Bomber
TIE Bomber
Kg cg ns advanced-raider-002
Cylon Raider
TIE Interceptor
Scarran Stryker
Xg-1 Gunboat
Howlrunner negvv
I-7 Howlrunner
To'Duj Fighter
To'duj Fighter
Soulless One TCW
TIE Defender
Wraith Dart
Ye4 gunship
Ye-4 Gunship
VT-49 Decimator
VT-49 Decimator
Slave I
Klingon Bird-of-Prey, profile
B'rel-class Bird of Prey (Jaws of Hakkon)

Coalition of Independent States Edit

Playable Edit
Image Name
Pinook Squadron
Z95headhunter negvv
Z-95 Headhunter
GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
Alpha-3 Nimbus
Kihraxz assault fighter
R41 1 1
R-41 Starchaser
JemHadar attack ships attack, The Search
Jem'hadar Fighter
Sky Serpent
Slave2 negv
Voth Heavy Fighter
Voth Heavy Fighter
Krayt Gunship
Ghtroc720 sotg07
Class 720 freighter
Outrider negvv
Drazi Sun-Hawk (Jaws of Hakkon)

Non-Playable Starships Edit



USS Excelsior
Droid Starfighters
Vulture Droid
Corvette negvv
CR90 Corvette
GR-75 Medium Transport
Gallofree Transport
Ori cruiser
Lambda shuttle
USS Enterprise-A quarter
Action VI SotG(2007)
Action VI transport
Strikecruiser 1 1
Strike-class Medium Cruiser
Redemption btm
USS Prometheus ventral, Second Sight
Nebula-class (Starfleet)
Jem'Hadar battle cruiser
Jem'hadar Battlecruiser
Assault Frigate Mark 1
Kronos One
K't'inga class
Victory-class Star Destroyer
Acclamator-class Assault Ship
Providence-class Destroyer
Omega-class Destroyer
Venator clonewars
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Imperial Class Star Destroyer
Munificent TCW
Munificient-class Frigate
MC80 Liberty-type Class Starcruiser
Executor-class Dreadnought
Borc cube orbits Earth, remastered
Borg Cube (Rise of the Borg Collective)

Endings Edit

Alliance of Nations Edit

Light Karma Edit

Neutral Karma Edit

Dark Karma Edit

Axis of Empires Edit

Light Karma Edit

Neutral Karma Edit

Dark Karma Edit

Coalition of Independent States Edit

Light Karma Edit

Neutral Karma Edit

Dark Karma Edit

Independent Edit

Light Karma Edit

Neutral Karma Edit

Dark Karma Edit

DLC Edit

Jaws of Hakkon Edit

Ru'afo's Reign Edit

Multiversial Land Warfare Edit

The Descent Edit

Rise of the Borg Collective Edit

Trespasser Edit

Reception Edit

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