Great Multiverse: Revolution is an animated web television series set in the Revolt against a Mad Emperor timeline, an alternate timeline in which Prince Cilomar Kutarukia managed to overthrown and killed his father, Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia and made himself Emperor of the Empire of the Combine Race to which he then used it's full force to conquer the entire multiverse, ending the First Multiverse War, and finally restructuring the Empire of the Combine Race into the Second Kilominitic Empire. The series follows the adventures of the Paladins of Voltron who awakened to a multiverse now under the insane rule of Emperor Cilomar Kutarukia and his oppressive Second Kilominitic Empire, they must help spark the flames of revolution to put an end to the Second Empire and its' insane Emperor.

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it has been over a thousand and sixty-six years since Cilomar Kutarukia overthrew and killed his father, Yioala Kutarukia and conquered the Multiverse and since then, Emperor Cilomar's insanity and despotic rule has gotten worse, so bad in fact that the Second Kilominitic Empire is on the verge of full-scale rebellion, all it takes, is a spark. And Voltron and its' Paladins is that spark. For Centuries, the Paladins of Voltron, and the crew of the IGS Atlas has been in cryogenic sleep, becoming completely unaware of the Multiverse's fall to the Second Empire and the horrors of the insanity that is Emperor Cilomar's rule.

That is until 3092 when a group of would-be rebels - Fredrick, Eleanor, and Yuok'oli - discovered the seemingly abandoned IGS Atlas and venture into the structure and awoke them, sweeping them up into the soon to be explosive revolt against Emperor Cilomar and his Second Empire, starting their quest to liberate the Multiverse from the Second Kilominitic Empire.

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Voltron Coalition Edit

  • Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane
  • Keith
  • Lance
  • Katie "Pidge" Holt
  • Hunk
  • Princess Allura
  • Coran
  • Fredrick
  • Eleanor
  • Yuok'oli

Second Kilominitic Empire Edit

  • Emperor Cilomar Kutarukia
  • High Priestess Fikkliner Quiklinimer
  • Duke Qinkiler Kutarukia

Lambda Resistance Edit

  • Archduke Vimble Kutarukia

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