Great Multiverse: Shattered Multiverse is a spaceflight battle simulation Great Multiverse game set in the between the Golmar, Viau, Fuii'zuni, Nuyi'zu, Gi'ru and Devi'uikni universes.

Gameplay Edit

In much the same manner as Star Wars: Starfighter, Shattered Multiverse allows players to pilot a variety of starfighters in a 3D space simulation set across fifteen campaign levels and multiple bonus levels. In addition to mission objectives required to be completed by the player, each level contains one bonus and one hidden objective, the completion of which unlocks secret missions, videos, and 50 playable starfighters.

Playable Fighters Edit

  1. Combine MF-1 Starfighter
  2. Combine MF-2 Starfighter
  3. TIE Fighter
  4. TIE Interceptor
  5. Z-95 Headhunter
  6. N-1 Starfighter
  7. F-302
  8. Death Glider
  9. Wraith Fighter
  10. Viper Mark II
  11. A-Wing
  12. Borg Sphere fighter
  13. Helghast Fighter
  14. Me 262X Schwalbe
  15. Y-Wing
  16. SA-23J StarFury
  17. Geonosian Fighter
  18. Spectre Fighter
  19. Night Elven NM-2 Starfighter
  20. Cygnarian M.C 201 Starfighter
  21. Cylon Raider
  22. ISA Fighter
  23. Morningstar-C Fighter
  24. Ju 800 Starbomber
  25. Khadoran Sputnik-class Fighter
  26. Earth Alliance Bomber
  27. MiG-19SMX Starfighter
  28. Peacekeeper Prowler
  29. Scyranian Relsya-class Starfighter
  30. RF-42 Snubfighter
  31. Xg-1 Assault Gunboat
  32. Alliance Starfighter
  33. Wraith Dart
  34. Nightwing Fighter
  35. Felreden FX-1 Starfighter
  36. TIE Avenger
  37. Valkion VF-30 Interceptor
  38. Jedi Interceptor
  39. Irathient IA-1 Starfighter
  40. Scarren Stryker
  41. Indogene Helta-22 Star Interceptor
  42. Me-509 Starfighter
  43. Star-Viper Fighter
  44. TIE Defender
  45. X-Wing
  46. B-Wing
  47. Pentex-50 Starfighter (Noxian Fighter)
  48. Slave I
  49. Cassian TR-001 Fighter
  50. Millennium Falcon
  51. Buick (cheat only)

Development Edit

Receptions Edit

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