Great Multiverse: Shattered Multiverse II: Sera was a video game released exclusively for Wii U. Developed by Factor 5, It was the first sequel to Great Multiverse: Shattered Multiverse.

The game is took place in the role of Sera, a former archer from the Ou'hjik universe, whose became a ace starfighter pilot in the Great Battle of Yavin after she destroyed the Death Star. It also has the campaign of the previous game in multiplayer co-op mode and various VS modes.

Gameplay Edit

Shattered Multiverse II expanded on the original game with improved graphics and a new tactics menu that allows the player to form up their squadron or set a target for their squadron such as turrets or enemy fighters. The game also expanded on the unlockable levels of the original—Beggar's Canyon is included in the tutorial, the opening level Great Battle of Yavin was included and Great Aerial Battle of Tordas was made more authentic with the Wii U's advanced power. The other major battle in the Timeline, The Great Battle of Endor, was arguably the biggest and most challenging scenario in the entire game.

Shattered Multiverse II features 61 playable starfighters, of which 60 are starfighters and 1 is secret. To purchase starfighters for Sera, the player has to unlock them by completing certain missions, then buy them by expending credits. Credits are earned by destroying hostile or neutral ("yellow") targets. Some planes are available from the start: the Pinook and the R-41 Starchaser; The Y-Wing is unlocked at the start of the game but has to be purchased before use.

Playable Ships Edit

  1. Pinook Fighter
  2. R-41 Starchaser
  3. BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter
  4. Zephyr 109 Fighter
  5. Toscan Starfighter
  6. Z-95 Headhunter
  7. Death Glider
  8. F-302 Interceptor
  9. IRD Starfighter
  10. TIE Fighter
  11. Me 262X Schwalbe
  12. TIE Bomber
  13. MF-1 Starfighter
  14. Wraith-class fighter
  15. N-1 Starfighter
  16. Nantex
  17. VC-52 Interceptor
  18. Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor
  19. Su-72 Fenrir
  20. Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter
  21. Pergerine
  22. Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor
  23. SA-23E Starfury
  24. GAT-12 Skipray
  25. Viper Mark II
  26. Colonial Raptor
  27. ARC-170
  28. Combine MF-2 Starfighter
  29. MiG-31SP Foxhound-D
  30. TIE Interceptor
  31. Cylon Raider
  32. Night Elven NM-2 Starfighter
  33. Taj-class fighter
  34. RF-42 Snubfighter
  35. A-Wing
  36. Irathient IA-1 Starfighter
  37. Peacekeeper Prowler
  38. P-560 Swordfish
  39. D-type fighter
  40. Son'a Fighter
  41. K-Wing
  42. V-19 Torrent
  43. Sentri-class fighter
  44. Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing
  45. Belbullab-22
  46. I-7 Howlrunner
  47. Starviper
  48. Nial Fighter
  49. X-Wing
  50. E-Wing
  51. Sputnik-class Fighter
  52. Wraith Dart
  53. TIE Avenger
  54. TR-001 Fighter
  55. Felreden FX-1 Starfighter
  56. B-Wing
  57. TIE Defender
  58. Tholian Fighter
  59. Firespray-31
  60. YT-1300 Freighter
  61. Buick (Cheat-only)
  62. Arwing

Non-playable Edit

Missions Edit

  1. Sera (Beggar's Canyon)
  2. Open Battle (Retrival of Axis Information)
  3. Shattered Planet (Battle of Filo Coruscant)
  4. Fire and Ice (Great Battle of Yavin)
  5. Renegade (Taking of Kryat)
  6. Tyranny of Numbers (Battle for Aiustha)
  7. The Way of All Empires (Assault for Sullist)
  8. Field of Honor (Gi'ru Conflict)
  9. A Dish Best Served Cold (Defense of Dac)
  10. Lady Igraine (Battle in Mygeeto)
  11. From Hell's Heart (The Destruction of the Mandator)
  12. Enemy of My Enemy (Great Aerial Battle of Tordas)
  13. Lost Planet (Battle of Ariana V)
  14. The Call (Ambush at Jaina V)
  15. Kill or la Killed (Battle on the Koprulu Sector)
  16. Nolus (Raider Attack on Imperia Nolus)
  17. Pandora Fire (Assault on Pandora)
  18. Resena Line (Battle for the Resena Line)
  19. The Excelsior Incident (Incident at Nimbus III)
  20. Sight Unseen (Klingon Assault on 7th Fleet)
  21. Yurra Jang (Battle for Yuura Jang)
  22. No Immunity (Battle for Ariana V)
  23. Antibody (Assault for Black Reach)
  24. Yevethan Rising (Black Fleet Crisis)
  25. Sunstorm (Assault for Nuyi'zu Spacedock 72)
  26. Peaceful Love (Josephine Montilyet's Campaign)
  27. The Unwound Skein (USS Enterprise Defense)
  28. Proxina Demise (Battle of Proxina II)
  29. Independence (Battle for Mon Calamari Independence)
  30. Endor (Great Battle of Endor)
  31. The Last Card (Battle for the Eclipse)
  32. Shattered Multiverse (bonus)

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