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Great Multiverse: The Motion Picture is a film that is the first in the Great Multiverse film series. It is inspired by Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It takes place during the First Multiverse War.


The Great multiverse motion picture follows Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise and his first contact with an Combine of Empires fleet. At first hesitant to hail the larger vessels Captain Kirk regardless orders open comns with the fleet. An unamed Combine Kilominitic responds to the hail and speaks with Kirk. After a decline in conservation the fleet starts to arm its gun at Kirk's ship as Kirk refuses to fold in the capture of a Star Command planet assets to the unkown aliens and refuses to hail them as masters or gods. Retreating before any of the Combine ships open fire the USS Enterprise and its crew unknowingly arrive into an unkown star system in which they meet a Venetor class star destroyer with BJ Blazkowicz as the captain.