The Great Multiverse: Verge is a first person shooter video game developed by Splash Damage for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

In the Great Multiverse: Verge, three factions, the Axis's Colonial Defense, the planet's native inhabitants, known as the Insurgency and the insane Marauders battle for control over Earth of the Voi'liu Universe

Gameplay Edit

Plot Edit

DLCs Edit

  • Agents of Betrayal
  • Insanity of Sol
  • Boarding the Warmachines
  • Weapons of Pol
  • The Liiu'hii Universe Expansion Pack
  • Variety Pack
  • Weapons of the Ou'hjik Universe Pack

Characters types (Background) Edit

Colonial Defense Edit

Name of Type Species within type Overview
The Veteran TransRace (Human)



The first on the Planet when the Axis first invaded the world, the Veteran has seen the worst of it all and cynical about the Axis's true reason for being on the planet in the first place, none-the-less, they still fight for the Axis, although, they don't see any other options for the time being.
The Recruit TransRace (Human)




 Blood Elf




Young and inexperienced, these fresh to the field solders have been raised to believe that the Axis will win the war and bring peace to the world. though their are some that questions this idea, the rest gladly repeats numerous Axis propaganda and believe every word of it.
The Volunteer Human Most of these 'volunteers' joined for reasons that anything but loyalty to the Axis. From trying to help their families to trying to prevent a friend from being 'recruited' by Colonel Defense, these soldiers reasons for fighting are purely for their friends and love ones and will turn on the Axis if they believe that they will harm their family and friends.

Insurgency Edit

Name of Type Species within type Overview
The Old Guard Human Survivors of the invasion and considered the remnants of the planet's old governments and armies, these old soldiers still fight against the Axis even after their homelands defeat and conquest by these invaders. Their reason for fighting is simple, they want to liberate their homeworld from the Axis and restore the planet to it's former state, well, excluding the many nationstates that once made up the planet's state that is.
The Remnants Human Remnants and Survivors of the former KND and TN, these former kids and teenagers survived the purge the Axis preformed against them after the invasion and killed off a good portion of the KND and TN. The remnants do wish to liberate the planet from Axis occupation, however, another reasons for them fighting is simple revenge against the Axis for what they did
The Refugees Human

Marauders Edit

Name of Type Species within type Overview
The Killer Human
The Insane Human
The Unstabled Human

Skintone Edit

Within each species Edit

TransRace (Human) Edit

  • Light Grey
  • Mid Grey
  • Dark Grey

Irken Edit

  • Light Green
  • Mid Green
  • Dark Green

Klingon Edit

  • Dark

Blood Elf Edit

  • Light
  • Mix
  • Dark

Chiss Edit

  • Light Blue
  • Mid Blue
  • Dark Blue

Human Edit

  • Light (European and Asian)
  • Mixed (Latino, Arabic, Mixed Race)
  • Dark (African)

Hair and Eye tone in each species Edit

TransRace (Human) Edit

  • Blench white (eyes)

Irken (all Eyes) Edit

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Brown

Klingon Edit

  • Brown (eyes)
  • Black (Hair)

Blood Elf Edit

  • Green (eyes)
  • Blond (hair)
  • Black (hair)

Chiss Edit

  • Red (eyes)
  • Black (hair)
  • white (hair)

Human Edit

  • Green (eyes)
  • Blue (eyes)
  • Hazel (eyes)
  • Brown (eyes)
  • Blond (hair)
  • Brown (hair)
  • Auburn (hair)
  • Black (hair)

Uniforms within each faction Edit

Colonial Defense Edit

The Overwatch

The Hierarchy

The Wehrmacht

The SS

The Elite

The Spec Forces

The CP

The Colonial Police

The Mage

The Officer

The Imperial

The Joint Forces

The Colonial Army

The Colonial Marines

The XOF (Liiu'hii Universe Expansion Pack DLC)

Insurgency Edit

The Old Guard

The Remnant (KND and TN)

The Refugee

The Priest

The Hooded

The Vendetta

The Shattered

The Prisoner

The Enslaved

The Hunter

The Parent

The Worker

The Long Coat

The Trenches

Marauders Edit

The Sadist

The Raider

The Reaper

The Torturer

The Insane

The Broken 

The Twisted

The Unstable

The Tribal

The Fanatic

The Killer

The Corrupted

The Criminal

Maps Edit

Their are five zones in the game, within each zone, their are fifteen maps per zone

The Red Zone Edit

This zone is the region controlled directly by the Axis Government, these regions are also called the Occupition Zone.

  • Checkpoint, England, Europe
  • Ruins, France, Europe
  • Temple, Japan, Asia
  • Shattarted City, Israel/Palestine, Asia
  • Northern Scar, Korea, Asia
  • Big Red, China, Asia
  • City by the Bay, United States, North America
  • Aztec, Mexico, North America
  • Lake City, United States, North America
  • Revolution, England, Europe
  • Canal City, Panama, North America
  • Pan Handle, United States, North America
  • Broken, Brazil, South America
  • Terror, Russia, Europe
  • Germania, Germany, Europe
  • False Government, England, Europe (Agents of Betrayal)

The Yellow Zone Edit

Also known as the War Zone, these areas are often torn apart by consent fighting between the Colonial Defense and the Insurgency

  • Outpost, United States, North America
  • Jungle, Nicoraga, North America
  • Old Wounds, Ukraine, Europe
  • Birthplace, Greece, Europe
  • Sin Ruin, United States, North America
  • Baja, Mexico, North America
  • Ruined Forest, Brazil, South America
  • Exploration, Japan, Asia
  • Osaie, Australia, Oceania
  • Oasis, Lybria, Africa
  • Islands, Indonesia, Oceania
  • Ruins of the Ming, China, Asia
  • Buffer Zone, India, Asia
  • Viking, Finland, Europe
  • Rebellion, Haiti, North America
  • Fragments, Canada, North America (Agents of Betrayal)

The Blue Zone Edit

These Zones are controlled by the Insurgency but are mostly ruins anyway

  • Sector V, United States, North America
  • Sector Yellow, United States, North America
  • Deep Forest, Brazil, South America
  • Frozen Base, Greenland, North America
  • Old Empire, Spain, Europe
  • Mesopotamia, Iraq, Asia
  • Old Base, Kazastine, Asia
  • Front, Madagascar, Africa
  • Refugee Camp, India, Asia
  • Outback, Australia, Oceania
  • Old City, Iran, Asia
  • Scrap City, Morocco, Africa
  • Ruined Lab, Yemen, Asia
  • Elevator, United Arab Emirates, Asia
  • Refugee Outpost, Syria, Asia

The Grey Zone Edit

Also known as the Land of the Marauders, is the name of the regions of the planet controlled by the Marauders, these zones are often found in the Blue Zone

  • Death River, Congo, Africa
  • Blooded Forest, Congo, Africa
  • Insanity Mountain, Afghanistan, Asia
  • Broken Village, Russia, Europe
  • Genocide, Burundi, Asia
  • Lakeview, Uganda, Africa
  • Fanatics, Sudan, Africa
  • Revolutionary Insanity, Iran, Asia
  • Shattered Fields, Nigeria, Africa
  • Insane City, Russia, Europe
  • Remnants of the Past, Turkmenistan, Asia
  • Civil War, Congo, Africa
  • Secession, Sudan
  • Dreams of a Broken People, Kenya, Africa
  • Bitter Desert, Zambia, Africa
  • Gruesome Decay, Congo, Africa (Agents of Betrayal)

The Black Zone Edit

these zones where one is killed on the spot are areas were the Axis use as a 'buffer zone' between teh other zones and the 'craters'

  • Edge, United States, North America
  • Factory, United States, North America
  • Fondary, United States, North America
  • Death Camp, Austria, Europe
  • Island, Italy, Europe
  • Broken Forest, Brazil, South America
  • Southern Ruins, South Africa, Africa
  • Capital's Shards, Australia, Oceania
  • Dragon's Entrance, China, Asia
  • Research Labs, United States, North America
  • Cruelty, France, Europe
  • Tea Party, United States, North America
  • Split City, United States, North America
  • Monument to the Past, Brazil, South America

DLCs Edit

Insanity of Sol Edit

  • IKS Loktar, Above Earth's Orbit
  • Shattered past, Earth's broken moon

Boarding the Warmachines Edit

  • Camp Alpha, Bhutan, Asia
  • Camp Beta, Nepal, Asia

Weapons in Verge Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

PDWs Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Carbines Edit

Sniper Rifles Edit

Shotguns Edit

DMRs Edit

Handguns Edit

Launchers Edit

  • RPG-7
  • XM25
  • M32 MGL
  • PLX-2M
  • BLR-06 Hadra
  • FIM-92 Stinger
  • GROM-11 (Liiu'hii Universe Expansion Pack DLC)
  • HAIL MGR-4 (Liiu'hii Universe Expansion Pack DLC)

Battle Pickup Edit

  • Atlas .45
  • AMR-2
  • Bolter
  • CGM-25 (Liiu'hii Universe Expansion Pack DLC)
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